Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  1. To cultivate professionals proficient in the principles and methodologies of agricultural engineering to manage natural resources effectively
  2. To enable graduates to excel in their profession and unlock their potential through formal and informal education
  3. To instill strong values and integrity in graduate, equipping them with the leadership qualities necessary for societal and professional success
    Relationship between PEO and ILO

    Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

    1. Ability to act and behave that reflects the values and norms embodied in community religion and demonstrate professional ethics in solving agricultural engineering problems.
    2. Ability to apply mathematics, natural sciences, information technology, and engineering in order to obtain a thorough understanding of agricultural engineering principles
    3. Ability to identify, formulate, analyze, solve problems to gain an understanding of the principles of agricultural engineering and their impacts.
    4. Ability to effectively communicate orally, in writing and visually, and to work independently or in groups
    5. Demonstrate entrepreneurial abilities and awareness of the importance of lifelong learning including accessing science and technology developments related to current, relevant issues.
    6. Ability to design and develop technical tools and agricultural systems that are modern and efficient
    7. Ability to design and carry out laboratory and/or field experiments as well as analyze data, interpret data and draw conclusions using engineering judgment
    8. Ability to manage and utilize natural resources (agriculture, energy, and environment) and supporting resources (HR, infrastructure) optimally and sustainably and integrated across disciplines
                        Equivalence of the formulation of the ILO and the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework/KKNI (Indonesian)

                        Graduates Profiles

                        1. Manager/supervisor
                        2. Entrepreneur
                        3. Designers and engineers
                        4. System/programmer analysis
                        5. Researchers and developers of science and technology
                                Detail graduate profiles (Indonesian)